Thursday, May 17, 2018

Effectively Efficient: Working efficiently and ergonomically

Production has officially started this past Sunday for 2018 Milwaukee Bead & Button. I’m starting very very late and have three weeks to create enough beads to sell.


Some tension but not panic. I just keep simplifying my plan. I had two very intense sessions on Sunday and Monday and produced 1,500 beads in those two days. The storms we had made me nervous to be in my shed so I took Tuesday off and Wednesday was a super low production day. 

The big thing I’m working out right now is ergonomics. There is a physical element to the way I’m working that I don’t have with an office job. I think there is an adjustment as I’m woefully out of shape. I also stand for multiple hours. My kiln is a few steps away. I actually prefer to stand over sit because I can move around a bit more. I would glue myself to a chair and move very little if sitting. 

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